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What Is A Pantyhose Fetish?

A pantyhose fetish (tights fetish)is a type of underwear fetish. People with this sexual fixation tend to get aroused by either wearing or watching other people wear pantyhose. They also have preferences for items worn over the pantyhose such as footwear, uniforms, and skirts.

Pantyhose And Why They Are Fetishized

One of the reasons why most men tend to fetishize pantyhose is the fact that it makes legs appear “perfect” by removing cellulite and blemishes. The outfit might cover the legs but the sheer doesn’t disguise them completely. This can be appealing to individuals with Feet Licking Fetish.

Pantyhose fetishists get aroused by watching other people wear pantyhose online or in printed materials. They find it exciting to use them as bondage restraints or during sexual activity. Even buying the pantyhose can also be arousing for some.

The pantyhose fetish begins to manifest during childhood and grows gradually into adulthood. The good thing about this fetish is that it’s not considered a paraphilia. This can only be case if causes distress or interrupts the life of the fetishist. If this is the case then therapy should be considered.

Fascinating Facts About The Pantyhose

Pantyhose have evolved from the time they first hit the market. They were referred to as “panti-legs” which was a combination of panties and stockings.

The design and material used have evolved over time, but most fetishists seem to have an attachment to those made of nylon. This is because it makes the thighs clammy and twists around so the seams wrap around the leg.

Whether you just want to watch a woman wear this type of thing, or go as far as to try erotic stunts like watching foot porn and ejaculating over your woman’s pantyhose-covered thighs, here are some interesting facts you should know.

Variety Spices Up the Pantyhose Fetish

One of the fascinating facts about pantyhose fetishism is that it is surprisingly varied. There are men who get off by having a fantasy of women wearing pantyhose. For some, it can be a big turn on to cross dress, and even be humiliated while wearing them.

There are men who love the feel of nylon around their cock. Rubbing the fabric around the genitals makes them ejaculate. There are those who love to see a women’s dark pubic hair underneath them while others get turned on at the sight of pussy that is partially veiled. For most foot fetishists, it’s always about the woman’s sleek and tender tootsies bound by the hose.

A number of men don’t stop at watching. Their appetite is only satiated when they rip the crotch and get to dine in paradise.

Men are Horny for Hosiery

The only explanation is what philologists call “imprinting.” This means that when you begin to experience episodes of sexual excitement, the experience or object present gets imprinted on the psyche. It doesn’t come as a surprise that young boys get their first arousal to babysitters, to mothers, and to teachers. Most of these women at a certain point were wearing pantyhose.

Final Word

Pantyhose might be a simple fashion statement that blends in with different types of outfits, but it has a significant impact on pantyhose fetishists. To them, it brings out a sexual fantasy which some will try to explore beyond looking or touching.